Conic Design is a unique blend of creative problem solving and workmanship like no other.

Simply put: We make amazing things out of concrete!

We work with our customers to ensure YOU get the end result you have been dreaming of. Quality is our focus and we settle for nothing less. Our favorite projects are the ones that solve a problem for you nobody else can. And we love to be stretched creatively.

One of the biggest advantages in choosing concrete to build with is the ability to customize it. The possibilities are unlimited when it comes to colors, textures, and custom shapes. Each project is as unique as our customers!

We custom mix our own concrete for every project with the highest quality materials and industry-leading admixes. Professional-grade sealers provide long-term water, acid, stain and scratch resistance without the need for regular re-sealing.

Don’t know exactly what you want yet? No problem! We can help guide you through the whole design process with 3-D renderings of your kitchen (or bathroom, etc) so you can see what you are getting beforehand.

Call or contact us today to discuss your project and get an Estimate!

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